Rutland to Welcome New 120-Unit Rental Development

Rutland to Welcome New 120-Unit Rental Development

Dayana L. - Mar 02, 2024

In a new development for Kelowna’s Rutland area, Kerr Properties, a real estate developer based in Langley, has proposed the construction of a new six-story rental apartment complex at 765 Badke Road. This new development aims to replace the existing two-story apartment building with a modern 120-unit complex, enhancing the local housing landscape.

The proposed building is located between Hollywood Road and Frankyln Road, positioning it close to the Willow Park shopping plaza and vital transit corridors along Highway 33. The area, already surrounded by townhouses and apartment buildings, is poised to benefit from this influx of new rental units.

Kerr Properties' plan outlines a diverse mix of apartments, including 28 one-bedroom, 78 two-bedroom, and 14 three-bedroom units, catering to a wide range of residents. The development emphasizes ample parking with over 130 vehicle spaces planned, including an underground parkade and 21 surface parking stalls, alongside 100 bicycle stalls, accommodating the growing demand for sustainable transportation options.

A notable feature of the proposed development is its commitment to communal living spaces. The project promises around 850 square meters of common amenity space, featuring a children’s play area, a dog run, and an outdoor lounge area, aimed at fostering a strong community spirit within the complex.

Each apartment is designed to include a private balcony or patio, offering residents their own outdoor space. While the detailed amenity specifics beyond the front plaza are yet to be disclosed, the emphasis on open and recreational spaces highlights Kerr Properties' approach to modern, community-oriented living.

The development application, submitted to the city on January 24, is currently under review by internal staff. City council's evaluation will be a crucial next step for the project's approval process.

This proposed development not only aims to meet the housing needs of Rutland’s growing population but also reflects Kerr Properties' vision for enhancing urban living spaces in Kelowna. As the city awaits further details from the staff report, the anticipation builds for what could be a transformative project for Rutland and its residents.


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