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Current Projects

2 Under Construction and 1 Coming Soon

1605 GORDON DRIVE rental Development

1605 Gordon Drive, Kelowna, BC

Under Construction 🏗️ 2025

Sokana condo Development

270 Riverside Dr, Penticton, BC

Under Construction

Nancee Way rental Development

Nancee Way, West Kelowna, BC


Completed Projects

2 Projects

One Water Street condo Development
Now Selling

1187 Sunset Dr, Kelowna, BC

Completed 2022

1151 Sunset condo Development

1151 Sunset Drive, Kelowna, BC

Completed 2019

About Kerkhoff: Develop-Build

Kerkhoff Develop Build: Pioneering Progress in Kelowna, BC

For over fifty years, Kerkhoff Develop Build has been synonymous with innovative construction and development in Kelowna, BC. Orchestrating dynamic projects from commencement to completion, their presence has significantly shaped the city's landscape. In this deep dive, we explore some of their most impactful projects and how they've contributed to the growth and development of Kelowna.

One Water Street - A Beacon of Urban Living

Initiated in 2017, the One Water Street project stands as a testament to modern living in Kelowna. This architectural marvel not only redefined the city's skyline but also introduced a new standard for urban living. The completion of this project marked a significant milestone for Kerkhoff, adding a luxurious touch to Kelowna's housing market and enriching the community's lifestyle options.

ONE Varsity - Shaping the Future of Education and Living

With a start date in 2023, ONE Varsity is an ambitious project that promises to merge educational spaces with residential living seamlessly. This development is poised to cater to the needs of students and professionals alike, creating a vibrant and supportive environment. As it progresses, ONE Varsity is set to become a hub for learning and living, reflecting Kerkhoff's vision for a multifaceted community in Kelowna.

Kerkhoff's transformative vision for Kelowna continues with their recent acquisition of Central Mobile Home Park, aiming to create a sustainable and vibrant community. Their history of impactful projects like Executive House and One Water Street towers underscores their commitment to Kelowna's growth. As they prepare for upcoming ventures, including 1605 Gordon Drive, Kerkhoff's influence on Kelowna's landscape is set to expand, promising more innovative and community-focused developments. Their projects are more than mere constructions; they are the building blocks of Kelowna's future.


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581 Lawrence Avenue, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6L8