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Estimated Completion 2027
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One Varsity is a high-rise condo development proposed by Kerkhoff: Develop-Build. This project is 35 storeys tall, located at 1405 Saint Paul Street, Kelowna, BC. One Varsity will have a total of 342 units. As of March 2024 it is now accepting registrations.

The application was submitted on May 30, 2021, with the full PDF available here.

The estimated completion date is 2027.

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One Varsity: Elevating Kelowna's Urban Experience with a Mix of Luxury and Community

In the evolving landscape of Kelowna's urban development, a new gem is emerging. One Varsity, a 35-story mixed-use tower developed by Kerkhoff Construction, is poised to become a cornerstone of Kelowna's downtown area, notably located just across from the burgeoning UBC Okanagan tower. Though the development permit faced challenges during the October 17 public hearing, One Varsity remains a project of keen interest, awaiting necessary revisions to move forward.

Unique Blend of Residential and Commercial Spaces

Nestled at 1405 St. Paul Street, One Varsity is set to offer a diverse range of 342 units, including micro-suites, one and two-bedroom apartments. In addition, the development envisions incorporating a ground-floor grocery store, redefining the convenience of urban living in Kelowna.

Community at Its Core

Beyond its impressive high-rise structure, One Varsity is designed to foster a vibrant neighborhood. The ground floor is planned to host a modern grocery store alongside other amenities, creating a bustling hub for residents and visitors alike. The project's focus on community is further highlighted by its sixth-floor design, dedicated to fostering social interaction through a range of amenities. From fitness spaces to co-working areas, and even facilities for podcasting, One Varsity aims to build a thriving community within its walls.

Thoughtfully Designed Amenities

The sixth floor is envisioned as the heart of the building's community life, featuring a landscaped terrace, a swimming pool, hot tub, and a dog run. Open-air lounge spaces, an outdoor dining area with grills, and a children's play space are also part of the plan. For fitness enthusiasts, a gym and yoga studio are included, along with co-working spaces, gaming rooms, sports simulators, and a party room for social gatherings.

Catering to a Diverse Community

While the proximity to the UBC Okanagan campus might suggest a student-focused residence, One Varsity targets a broader demographic, including families and professionals. Its location near cultural venues, the Kelowna Art Gallery, and the Kelowna Community Theatre, as well as its proximity to the Okanagan Lake and downtown Kelowna’s dining and shopping amenities, makes it an attractive option for various homeowners.

Real Estate Growth in Kelowna

One Varsity is part of a larger trend reflecting Kelowna's status as one of Canada's fastest-growing regions. With a growing population and an expanding real estate market, developments like One Varsity are shaping Kelowna into a dynamic urban center.

A Look Ahead

Projected to open in 2027, One Varsity is expected to align with the completion of the UBC Okanagan tower, heralding a new era for downtown Kelowna. With prices beginning in the high $300,000s and penthouses priced below $2 million, the development offers a range of options for those seeking to be part of Kelowna's urban transformation.

One Varsity stands as a testament to Kelowna's growing allure and its commitment to creating spaces that blend luxury living with a sense of community. As the project awaits its next steps, it continues to capture the imagination of those looking to be part of Kelowna's exciting future.


Public discussion

Jack B Picture

Jack B

Oct 09, 2023

Project is being delayed as the council require more changes to be made before the development permit can be issued.


Transforming Kelowna: One Varsity Tower to Soar Downtown

Discover One Varsity: Kelowna's iconic 35-story tower redefining urban living. A new epicenter for a vibrant community.

Oct 20, 2023

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