Kelowna's Skyline to Reach New Heights with Proposed Tower Development

Kelowna's Skyline to Reach New Heights with Proposed Tower Development

Dayana L. - Feb 20, 2024

Kelowna's downtown future skyline is changing once again as the Mission Group unveils revised plans for a mixed-use development on the north side of the UBC Okanagan (UBCO) downtown site. This ambitious project, situated on the historic Daily Courier plot at the intersection of Doyle Avenue and St. Paul Street, marks a significant evolution of the city's revamping downtown core area.

Originally, the development plan included two additional towers: a 16-story commercial and office building alongside a 30-story residential tower. However, in light of recent market analyses indicating a lower-than-expected demand for office spaces in Kelowna, the developer has pivoted towards a more residential-focused approach. The revised proposal, submitted on February 5, 2024, now features a striking 40-story residential tower, which is expected to become the third tallest building in Kelowna, reaching a height of 128 meters. This places it just behind the UBCO tower and the Eli Tower from the Water by the Park development, both of which are currently under construction.

In a shared vision with UBCO, the Mission Group's looks to create a vibrant, mixed-use community hub. The adjacent UBCO tower, is set to become an iconic 43-story structure, offering classroom spaces for nursing and social worker programs and 500 rental units for students.

The new design allocates two-thirds of its space to residential rentals, comprising 308 units from the eighth to the twenty-ninth floors. The upper floors will house 154 condominiums, offering a mix of housing options to meet the diverse needs of Kelowna's residents. The ground floor is designed to enhance urban life, featuring commercial units and a co-working space that opens onto St. Paul Street.

Residents will enjoy access to a suite of amenities, including a shared fitness center, entertainment center, lounge, and additional spaces designed for community and leisure. A proposed four-story above-ground parkade will provide 407 parking stalls, addressing the practical needs of both residents and visitors.

The Mission Group's latest proposal is a testament to Kelowna's forward-thinking approach to development, promising to enrich the city's architectural landscape and provide much-needed housing solutions. As Kelowna continues to grow, projects like these are crucial in shaping a vibrant, dynamic urban center that meets the needs of its diverse population.


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