UBCO Downtown

Estimated Completion 2027


UBCO Downtown is a skyscraper mixed-use development under construction by UBC Properties Trust. This project is 43 storeys tall, located at 550 Doyle Ave, Kelowna, BC. UBCO Downtown will have a total of 473 units.

The application was submitted on Feb 01, 2021. City council approved the development permit on Jul 15, 2022.

The estimated completion date is 2027.

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Elevating both the skyline and educational opportunities in Kelowna, the University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO) is set to build a groundbreaking new campus downtown. Finalizing the most valuable building permit ever awarded by the city at a staggering $262 million, this 43-storey development promises to be a game-changer for the region.

Architecture & Design

The uniquely designed, three-sided tower will become a Kelowna landmark. At 43 storeys, it will not only be the tallest building in the city but also the tallest between the Lower Mainland and Calgary. Initially approved for 46 storeys, the university voluntarily lowered it by three storeys to create a more harmonious cityscape.

Multi-Functional Spaces

The tower offers more than just educational facilities. It features a four-storey underground parkade that will pave the way for creative street-level amenities. The primary occupants will be UBCO's School of Nursing and School of Social Work, while also accommodating a staggering 500 units of residential housing exclusively for UBCO students and staff.

A Commitment to Community

This isn't just a move; it's a strategic pivot closer to the heartbeat of the community that has nurtured UBCO since its establishment. With the new downtown campus, UBCO aims to facilitate community-based learning by being in close proximity to local partners, thereby making collaborations easier and more effective.

Innovative Amenities

Apart from state-of-the-art classrooms and research spaces, the building will also host an art gallery, managed by the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies. Plans include a Public Engagement Suite to encourage community discussions about regional socio-economic development.


The entire project is being funded by the UBC Properties Trust, signifying the level of commitment and belief that the university has in this venture.

An Investment in the Future

This record-breaking project is not just an architectural feat; it's an investment in future generations. It's a commitment to fostering innovation, community engagement, and education at the highest levels.

With construction now officially greenlit, Kelowna is bracing for a new era of educational excellence, urban living, and community collaboration. The UBCO downtown tower isn't just a building; it's a vision of what a modern, integrated educational facility can and should be.


Public discussion

Jim Kelowna

Mar 01, 2024

That's sad, I am wondering how deep they have dug so far, in terms of full levels for parking, 3 out of 4? Looks pretty deep.

On another note, the new rendering of the tower is very confusing, what is happening on the ground level? Does anyone know? Was nicer to see grand open facades with public spaces on the previous renderings.

Chris Aldrich said:

Construction has been paused briefly as recommended from engineers due to problems with the surrounding buildings. UBC is making changes, estimated opening of the building in is still the same (Fall 2027).

Chris Aldrich Picture

Chris Aldrich

Mar 01, 2024

Construction has been paused briefly as recommended from engineers due to problems with the surrounding buildings. UBC is making changes, estimated opening of the building in is still the same (Fall 2027).

Jack B Picture

Jack B

Jan 21, 2024

Another building deemed unsafe around the construction site is School District 23. According to the school, there have been significant shifts and cracks identified, so they were forced to move out.

It is worth mentioning the building at 580 Doyle Avenue has been owned by UBC Properties Trust since the end of 2022, but was leased to the online school staff.

Out of the four structures impacted so far, two buildings were supposed to shut down for redevelopment anyway and one wanted to sell to UBC. Only the affordable housing building - Hadgraft Wilson Place is truly worth the worries, in my opinion.

Jack B Picture

Jack B

Aug 12, 2023

The most significant development in Kelowna, going to change the vibe of the Downtown and the skyline, love it!


UBCO Construction Challenges

Downtown campus is impacting nearby buildings, slows down construction.

Jan 30, 2024

UBC Okanagan's $263M Permit for Kelowna's Tallest Tower

UBC Okanagan gets green light for Kelowna's tallest building. The 43-storey tower represents a milestone for the city and a $263 million building permit, setting a new local record.

Aug 24, 2023

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