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Downtown Hotel is a high-rise mixed-use development by Westcorp. This project is 33 storeys tall, located at 289 Queensway, Kelowna, BC.

This project was put on hold by the developer.

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The development of a luxury hotel and convention center in downtown Kelowna, a project first proposed in 2004 and formally presented to the city council in 2014, has experienced numerous delays over the years. The waterfront site, previously occupied by the Willow Inn until its demolition in 2009, has remained vacant, with the project struggling to commence construction. The project, undertaken by Westcorp Inc., plans for a 33-story waterfront hotel featuring 174 hotel rooms, 65 residential units, a conference center, retail space on Water Street, and an 18th-floor restaurant, among other amenities​​. In 2020, the opening of a show suite was anticipated at 327 Bernard Avenue, alongside the launch of the sales.

Despite some advancements, the project has encountered obstacles, including delays due to flooding, speculation tax, COVID-19, and notably the last expiration of its development permit in September 2023. Over the years, permits were issued four times, but Westcorp noted before the last expiration that "due to construction pricing and interest rates, the hotel project remains unfeasible". Consequently, in October 2023, the sales center at 327 Bernard Avenue was offered for lease, indicating that the project was officially put on hold.

While the luxury hotel project faces delays, Westcorp Inc. is actively contributing to Kelowna's growth through another significant development, The Ledge on Lakeshore. This project is bringing 1,000 rental units to the community, currently under active construction. The Ledge on Lakeshore represents Westcorp's commitment to enhancing Kelowna's living spaces and addressing the community's housing needs.

This long-awaited hotel project represents a significant development for downtown Kelowna, promising to enhance the city's skyline and provide a mix of luxury accommodations and residential options. The project's completion is eagerly anticipated, with hopes that it will overcome its past delays and finally materialize, contributing to the city's growth and tourism appeal. Meanwhile, The Ledge on Lakeshore showcases the developer's ongoing efforts to invest in Kelowna's future.


Public discussion

Jim Kelowna

Feb 11, 2024

I am wondering if this can be revived due to the ban on Airbnbs in Kelowna, as more hotel rooms would be in demand :)

Jack B Picture

Jack B

Sep 21, 2023

Project is delayed again. "We are continuing to explore all options, but with no easing in construction pricing and interest rates, the hotel project remains unfeasible", Westcorp statement.

Jack B Picture

Jack B

Aug 13, 2023

I like this one, but it's very sad they aren't building it, received 3 approvals already, and is always postponed.

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